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Cerinate Lumineers the NEW option for patients?

Teeth veneers made of porcelain are growing in popularity with people that want to imrpove their image with a new smile. There are what you woud call traditional dental veneers that are commonly placed over prepared teeth. Veneers are used for many esthetic reasons and can fix a number of different problems. In most cases with traditional veneers your natural teeth have to be prepared for the veneer to fit properly and look natural. This makes the cosmetic dentistry treatment with traditional veneers an irreversible procedure, meaning you cannot restore lost tooth structure, once its gone its gone. The positive is you can have a nice new smile that can improve your confidence and self esteem. 

There is however an option for you called Lumineers by Cerinate. Lumineers are a branded veneer option developed by Den-Mat Corp and can only be produced through their own Cerinate Smile Design Studio and it is a proprietary process. It is important that if you want Lumineers that the veneers are made through this smile design studio otherwise you are receiving a competitive solution. 

Benefits to Lumineers

- there is generally no removal of tooth structure, shaving or grinding down your teeth
- the result is permanent whitening as opposed to 1 hour whitening solutions that require touch ups to keep your teeth white.
- no need for needles and dental shots
- with lumineers like most veneer cases you can complete treatment in about 2 - 3 visits.

Lumineers Cost - The Price of Lumineers is Determined By The Dentist

Lumineer prices and costs are determined by the cosmetic dentist that is treating you. The range is general is approx. $800 - $1300 per single tooth. The best way to determine the exact cost is to meet with a Lumineer dentist "a dentist that offer the official Cerinate Lumineers in their practice. 

Cerinate veneers can be made contact lens thin and have extraordinary strength. The thickness can be about 1/3 of a mm thick as compared to traditional veneers that are about 1mm thick or more. As with any cosmetic dentistry solution there are limitations to the use and elegibility for cosmetic teeth solutions such as Cerinate Lumineers, consult with a local cosmetic dentist that offers this option in their practice.


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