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If you require braces but feel embarrassed flashing a mouth full of metal, consider Invisalign, a discreet way of straightening your teeth without all that bulk.

When you consult with your cosmetic dentist, you will be given several removable aligners to insert in your mouth. Designed to shift particular teeth into place, aligners are generally first worn in the back teeth and eventually move to the front teeth.

Every two weeks, you will change aligners. Each time you switch aligners, your teeth will shift. To ensure that your Invisalign treatment runs smoothly, visit your dentist every six weeks for regular check-ups. Your dentist will advise you to remove these aligners whenever you brush, floss, drink and eat.

Just as the name suggests, Invisalign aligners and trays consist of clear plastic, allowing you to conceal your treatment from others. Even though many clients prefer Invisalign because of its invisible perk, it can only be used for those with a proper bite. That is, because Invisalign is not administered with headgear like traditional braces, only those with proper alignment are ideal candidates.

Because each case differs, so does the cost of Invisalign treatment. Although Invisalign usually costs more than traditional braces, the average treatment only lasts about a year.

If you're a candidate for traditional braces, consider Invisalign. You'll get the same results--without advertising your treatment.


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