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What is a "tooth crown"? 

There are a variety of factors that may contribute to the deterioration of teeth over the course of time. Age, tooth decay, defective fillings, improper bites and chewing patterns all play a role in the eventual wearing down and cracking of teeth. Dental crowns can reverse the effects of time by covering the entire visible surface of a tooth with enamel and porcelain to both strengthen the tooth and increase its durability. Crowns also improve the appearance of worn down and damaged teeth. Your dentist can tell you which problem areas in your mouth might be helped by the placement of a crown.

Crowns come in three basic types: gold, ceramic and ceramic veneered gold crowns. Gold is by far the most durable material and is normally used in molars where the action from chewing can be most damaging. However, ceramic and porcelain veneered crowns are very popular as they can be made to closely resemble natural tooth color. Advancements in composite resin materials and bonding technology have also limited the need for metallic crown anchors that hold the crown in place by the two adjoining teeth. However, in situations where appearance is not an issue, gold anchors can still provide the most durable and precise fit. 




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