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What is the dental bonding procedure? 

Dental bonding is a procedure that uses a composite resin to restore and reshape damaged and decayed teeth in a variety of manners. Bonding can be used for everything from removing stains to closing gaps in teeth to correcting crooked or misshapen teeth. A cosmetic dentist will apply a bonding material to your tooth, shape and sculpt it and then harden the material using a high-intensity light. The resulting new surface is then finely polished. Composite bonds can last from seven to eleven years. 
Minor dental bonding procedures can usually be completed in one office visit for small fixes and for replacing fillings. More complicated bonding procedures can require additional time and visits and may involve the casting of a mold and the use of temporary fillings while the permanent bond is cast by the lab. These types of bonds are usually made of porcelain, color-matched to your existing teeth and provide a durable and stain resistant solution to your problem.



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