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Contouring - Reshape your smile and restore its beauty

If you have jagged edged teeth, consider contouring-a simple and painless cosmetic dental technique that reshapes your teeth. Because the nerve-or pulp-resides in the middle of your tooth, you won't feel the probing of your cosmetic dentist's tools.

Who can get contouring? If you have healthy but uneven teeth, talk to your cosmetic dentist about your contouring needs.

All that happens in your contouring visit is your cosmetic dentist taking away a bit of your teeth, sanding down the jagged edges.
In some cases, your cosmetic dentist will feel it's best to combine contouring with a couple veneers to even out your smile even further.

Pros and Cons of Contouring


- Fast
- Minor work
- Preserves your own tooth structure
- Inexpensive


- Irreversible


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