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Mouth desinfection

Healthy and beautiful gums are essential.  It is important to remove all plaque and scale.  It may be necessary to extract teeth that are un-salvageable.


A successful treatment requires good dental hygiene.

The picture shows a healthy mouth.  Healthy gums are rosy, are in perfect alignment with the teeth and do not bleed.

A good daily cleaning regime can prevent plaque and scale.  In most cases, a thorough cleaning by a specialized dental hygienist is recommended.  


On the left picture we see nice, healthy, teeth.  The jaw-bone is of normal height and the teeth are sufficiently supported. 

The right picture shows deep gum-pockets filled with plaque and scale. The root-membrane and jaw-bone are seriously infected. Only extensive surgery with or without bone correction can solve this problem.



The thickness, color and structure of the gums are essential for a nice smile. Esthetic gum correction evens out differences in tooth-length.

An excess of gums which leads to a 'gummy smile' can be corrected by a Gingivoplasty or, alternatively in selected cases, through plastic surgery of the upper lip.

Gummy smile correction

Bare root-necks can be covered with gum grafts. 
Cavities underneath and between dental crowns and bridges
can be filled by leveling of the gum structure.

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